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So it all began…….

Earlier this summer I was spending an evening just googling Darren Criss and finding everything I could about him. I already dug him immensely! The guy can sing like no other, and is freaking adorable! Besides, he is half of the hottest couple on TV (go Klaine!). But the more I found, the more infatuated I became. I was not hopeful that there was going to be anymore chances to see him live since Glee was starting soon. Then I stumbled upon the Daren Criss Street Team on Facebook. And the info about the Chicago Market Days show. Score!!! Then I read that the DCST was planning a flash mob for this concert, and I was intrigued. I wasn’t sure I could swing the weekend with work, but as it go closer I decided to jump in and not look back. The only downside was that I would be going alone. But going on enough trips to see Clay Aiken taught me that when you are with fans, you are never alone!

Anyways, fast forward to Friday, Aug 12, 2011. I took the early train from Dearborn to Chicago. Then since there were no cabs available, I ended up walking the mile to my hotel downtown. After a fun walk around Chicago,

I decided I needed a nap. I had a rehearsal to go to! I grabbed the red line and headed to Link’s Hall. Turns out I was WAY early so I walked around Wrigley Field and then stopped at a bar for a drink to calm my nerves! I walked back to the rehearsal space and a small group of ladies were standing there. We started sharing info, and turned out I was with people close to my age! (34) Heather and Carrie were the first 2 I bonded with. Seemed we clicked right away!

When we got in and started to get settled, I found myself next to CJ who was just a bundle of excitement. And then we met Elaine who flew all the way from Asia to participate! This was crazy. Darren really was bringing people together! The five of us managed to keep ourselves entertained in the HOT rehearsal hall. OMG, it was unreal. But we were determined to get this dance right! At the end of the evening we all started to head back to our respective sleeping places. Turns out that my girls Heather and Carrie were staying in the same hotel as me! So the 3 of us headed to the train station with CJ in tow still hyped up from the night. CJ was taking the opposite train, so she was across the platform from us. I think we scared the other people when we started serenading her at the top of our lungs! We decided to meet up for coffee in the morning and said our goodbyes!

The next morning we were wired! I think it was a combination of exhaustion, excitement, anticipation, anxiety and caffeine. 

The crowd of pink sunglasses outside Link’s Hall was definitely excited!

And again the rehearsal hall was HOT! But we got it done!

To be continued……..

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